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Phone Calls


The use of cell phones in the patient care areas is discouraged. While cell phones may be used, if they interfere with some medical equipment, you may be asked to limit their use to the front lobby and waiting areas. Telephones are available for your use in waiting areas.

Local Calls: (Dial 9 for outside calls)

Your bedside telephone allows you to make local calls without operator assistance.

For your added convenience St. Francis has direct inward dialing available. This means that your family or friends can reach your room by dialing 643-0(and your room number) without having to go through an operator assisted call. Local calls are free.

Long Distance Calls:

Long distance calls may be dialed direct from your room by dialing 9-0-(and the number). You will get an outside operator. All long distance calls must be billed to a credit card, to your home phone number, or called collect. St. Francis will not accept billing for long distance charges.

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